Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Be the wild card

Be the wild card. Act spontaneously. Then learn.

Be the one whose actions keep changing things in ways no one predicts. Not even you. Not remotely.

Be the wild card. Be so honest that you seem hard to believe. Show your soul’s nakedness.

Be the wild card. Be so open with your love and give so freely that people are afraid you won’t survive. And then survive. Surprise yourself and them.

Love when they leave you. Love when they stay a while. Love those that can’t decide.
Be loud. Experience everything so intensely that everyone, including you, wonders how you hold yourself together in the hurricanes inside yourself.

Spend time in prisons. In hospitals. Volunteer to feed the hungry. Talk to the old man on the street and smile as if he is your grandfather you’ve just seen the day before.

Go to an earthquake or tsunami ravaged country. Give your love and skill, knowing there is nothing you can do. Feel the powerlessness and unstoppable destruction.

Save animals and children and plants. Feel life bursting and growing beautiful and unchecked.
Be quiet. Die twice a day in meditation.

Give up all judgments and expectations of yourself. Stop holding yourself together. Feel who you are at the center of yourself and then let go.

Thank your body for letting you breathe here for a brilliant shining moment.

Apologize for not being aware enough to keep it as perfect as it knew how to be.

Cry possibly, breathe probably, and begin again, in love with everything.
Be the wild card. Be bright. Be nurturing. Be passion.

By Dr. Andrea Seiffertt, D.O.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just for today, i will not anger.
Just for today, i will not worry.
Just for today, i will be grateful for all my blessings.
Just for today, i will work with honesty and integrity.
Just for today, i will be kind to all living beings.♥

~Reiki Principles

Consider picking just one statement and let it be your mantra for today.