Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We love our teachers!!

Nora Barger

What is the best part about teaching at FSYC? 

If you have been following the blog you understand the impact and importance of the FSYC community to all of the teachers.  It is palpable.  From the first time that I came to Franklin Street during a free week of yoga 4 years ago Lori was welcoming and every teacher made the practice accessible and inviting.  I am honored to now teach at the studio and I work to create the same warm and welcoming atmosphere in each class.  

However, it is more than the community that is the best part about teaching at FSYC.  It is the Seva, the service, to the larger local and global community that inspires me.  From the Eve Carson Scholarship to the Africa Yoga Project and Coalition to Unchain Dogs, Lori and the FSYC community have donated over $60,000 to different causes.  Yoga is and can become a very self-centered practice, focused on turning inside and self-examination.  Supporting the larger community is important for balance and perspective and FSYC continually creates opportunities to give back and connect to those around us. 

How have your students inspired you in your life?

My students inspire me through their dedication to practice and through their sense of humor on the mat. As for dedication -  I teach at 6:30 on Tuesday mornings and generally the same dedicated group of students come through the door even in the cold, dark mornings of winter.  It would be so easy to stay in a warm bed but week after week they show up and offer their breath and energy and explore the benefits of an early morning practice to start their day.  

As for sense of humor - as a teacher, I want to create beautiful sequences coordinated with breath and music that inspire and empower students.  The reality is I get my left and right confused, leave something out or stumble over my words.  My students are quick to laugh and roll with the confusion understanding that it is all part of the practice and it inspires me to laugh, keep my sense of humor and perspective.  My students show me it is OK to drop the need for perfection whether teaching, practicing or simply moving through my day. 

Other than teaching how does yoga fit in to your life?

I have always been an anxious person.  I have looked to physical outlets to keep my anxiety in check - it is hard to let your thoughts run wild if you are exhausted from running or biking.  So, I began practicing about 6 years ago mostly for the physical benefits - flexibility and strength.  I never imagined that stepping onto my mat, slowing down and breathing could be the antidote to my anxious mind that I was always looking for.  Therefore, integrating yoga into my life - both on and off my mat - has become a necessary element in my life for peace and happiness.