Sunday, October 27, 2013

Elaina's practice

My practice




Exhale. The soft whirling of ujjayi moving at the back of my throat. My eyes close.

Inhale. I move my hands into Anjali Mudra at the center of my chest and bow my head slightly, honoring and celebrating the present moment.

Exhale. My thumbs lower as my chest softly falls. My body softens and begins to let go.


Exhale. OM passes through my lips and my body vibrates with the sound. Cavernous and eternal, reminding me of the space and peace I carry with me at all times.


Exhale. I sing the opening invocation. Every time the chant is both comforting and invigorating.

Inhale. Surya Namaskara begins as my arms float up and I gaze upward. My palms press, sealing my commitment.

Exhale, I fold forward, surrendering to the practice, ready to leave it all on my mat.

Inhale. I lengthen, feeling strong and reaching for my intention through the crown of my head.

Exhale. I step back, core engaged, reminding me that the center of me is my foundation, and lower.

Inhale. Into a backbend, an opening that is much needed. I feel freer and yet more vulnerable. More connected, more my authentic self.

Exhale. My strong center pulls me up and back into five breaths of stillness. Peace.

Inhale. I look forward with focus, ready to move.

Exhale. I travel, excited for the journey.

Inhale. I lengthen again, revisiting my intention, reclaiming my space, and filling with light.

Exhale. I fold, bowing with devotion.

Inhale. I float up to standing, gathering energy as I sweep my arms upward, and then collecting it to my heart with my hands.

I am ready.

The practice moves on like this, the same breaths, the same movements as the day before and the day before. This devotion to my practice giving me the gift of moving meditation. This is a gift that I dedicate to my loved ones and my community every chance I get. Together we say, Namaste.

-Elaina Howard