Monday, May 30, 2011

20 Things you may not know about Lori Burgwyn

1.I changed my major in college my junior year from poli sci to journalism.

2.In 11th grade to pay for a phone bill, I had a yard sale and sold my family's clothes that they didn't wear.  They were away for the weekend.  I sold the stuff they never wore - I found out later it was their "Sunday Best."

3.In 4th grade, I won a competition of looking up words in the dictionary faster than anyone else.

4.I got my drivers license when I was 24.

5.I went to my first Junior/Senior prom when I was in 8th grade.

6.I have a scar on my face from a spider bite.

7.My favorite vampire is Louis from the Anne Rice novels.

8.I cry at movie trailers.

9.My first pony was named Tarzan.

10.I get sea sick on elevators.

11.I was a contestant in the Miss NC pageant in 1983 and 1986.

12.I will throw up if I wash a pot that had cooked corn or peas in it.

13.I have seen the Goo Goo Dolls in concert 20 times.

14.My husband lived one block away from me when we were growing up in Roanoke Rapids.  I met him
when I was 35.

15.I was allergic to my wedding bouquet.  Black lillies and hydrangea.

16.When I was 8, I was cleaning out a horse stall and a barn door fell on me and I was knocked out.

17.In 1998, I was selected as one of Philadelphia's most eligible singles by Philadelphia Magazine.

18.Bono is my inspiration for service to the world.

19.My sister and I have an identical freckle on our right thigh.  She is 9 years younger.

20.I have a collection of over 100 silver spoons from all over the world.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

20 Things you may not know about Angela Bardeen

1.  I grew up in a hamlet in western New York.

2.  By day I am a librarian at UNC.

3.  I have 2 younger brothers.

4.  I lived in New Mexico for a year.

5.  I went skydiving to commemorate my 30th birthday.

6.  I played the trombone in elementary school.

7.  My wisdom teeth never came in.

8.  I share a birthday with Smokey Robinson and Copernicus.

9.  I used to work in a domestic violence shelter.

10. I'm not a fan of shredded coconut, but I like coconut milk.

11. I had a tonsillectomy when I was 13.

12. Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favorite authors, and I was lucky enough to hear her speak at Duke in 2006.

13. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

14. My fiance wooed me with UNC basketball tickets and chocolate (more favorites!).

15. I tend to romanticize snow.

16. I love to spend time in nature.

17. I was never nominated for homecoming queen, but I did play one in a high school musical (I also played a secretary in the same musical).

18. Someday I will rewatch all 6 seasons of Lost.

19. I love the expansiveness of ardha chandrasana.

20. I adore Cary Grant and George Clooney, but Michael J. Fox was my first celebrity crush.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

20 Things you may not know about Linda Yu

1. I was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee
2. My parents are from Taiwan, but I have never been there
3. My first car was a navy blue Ford Escort hatchback
4. I have an older sister, Amy, who lives in Germany
5. My husband and I have been together ever since my freshman
orientation/rush at MIT
6. We were long distance (me in Boston and New York, him in Durham) for
MANY years
7. Although I am a systems programmer now, my undergraduate major was in
Management Science
8. I worked at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics at the Soldier Hollow
venue, where cross country skiing and nordic combined were held
9. I have a motorcycle license
10. My ears have never been pierced
11. I was a piano and cello player when I was a kid
12. Prime is a bane and a boon
13. Sichuan peppercorns make me weak in the knees (and tastebuds!)
14. I prefer my (paper) day planner to any electronic calendar
15. Instead of holiday cards, I prefer to send Valentine's Day cards
16. I grew up with Apple computers (our first one was an Apple IIe), but I
do not have any Apple products now
17. My father is a paraplegic
18. For a year or two, I was obsessed with mileage runs. I flew to
Singapore for 6 hours just for the miles
19. I am a bit of a packrat, hoarder, non-relinqusher...
20. The first thing I do when I get home is change into "home clothes

Saturday, May 21, 2011

20 Things you may not know about Andrea Martinez

1- My bachelors degree is in dance with a concentration in performance & choreography.

2- My kids are both dual citizens: Mateo - Mexico/USA and Wahya - Cherokee Nation/USA.

3- I teach 1st generation college-bound students at the Upward Bound program @ UNC.

4- I'm the first woman in my family to ever graduate high school, go to college or get a graduate degree. (My little sister did too.)

5- My first job out of college was at the American Dance Festival at Duke.

6- I am three trainings away from completing my RYT-500 hour certification.

7- Both of my children have four names and they both go by their middle names.

8- I wish I were more like my mother.

9- I taught high school for 8 years.

10- I learned how to shoot both handguns and shotguns when I was 10 years old.

11- I'm certified as a public school principal (my graduate degree is in Educational Leadership.)

12- I was raised in a single-wide trailer.

13- I owned my own dance studio in Miami, FL when I was 25.

14- I am a closet type A-- I loved my label-maker but needed to let it go... and would totally label everything if that was socially acceptable (i.e. floor, pen, door, child, etc.)

15- I'm starting to think that staying home full-time would be awesome (and that's a BIG shift for me.)

16- I'm a reformed smoker. Loved it so much that I had to quit.

17- I have road rage... which is good for you to know if you see me on the street.

18- I love hip-hop and country music with equal fervor.

19- I adore my husband... it's sort of disgusting. (He thinks this should be #1 and #20.)

20- My personal neuroses are probably the greatest influence on how I teach yoga.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

20 Things you may not know about Jennie Dickson

1) My first house ever, as a brand new little baby, was on Goldston Avenue in Carrboro. 
2) I had a pair of sunglasses with rhinestones when I was little I called my "glamor glasses." 
3) I used to want to be a waterfall when I grew up.
4) Later I decided to be a fairy when I grew up.
5) In college I used to write funny songs about my friends on my banjo for their birthdays.
6) I used to sing in a band called the Fabulous Pasties.
7) My first car was a 1987 Volvo wagon and I drove it for 10 years. It hit over 300K miles before I sold it. What a sweet ride.
8) Ballet was a huge part of my life growing up. (FYI, it's hard to find point shoes that fit size 11 feet - or it was back then...)
9) I once snuck backstage at a P-Funk concert in Baltimore and met George Clinton. He hugged me. 
10) I got a D on my take-home scratch-and-sniff test. I'm seriously olfactory impaired. 
11) I once went to Burning Man with tobacco executives.
12) I once sang Patsy Cline at a karaoke bar in Boston in exchange for a puffy Gortex jacket.
13) I went to the History of Sex museum in Tong Li, China. Chastity belts were for real, y'all. And foot binding? Yikes. 
14) I shelled garlic in the kitchen of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, with two Punjabi women, both named Sonia.
15) My mom wouldn't let me play with Barbie dolls because they are "sexist and unrealistic representations of women's bodies." 
16) When I was little my dad told us stories at night where my sister and I were super heroes and rode flying horses named Pegasus and Paragon. 
17) I'm in graduate school for Social Work and I love it.
18) My undergraduate degree was in Philosophy. I now work in the Philosophy Department at UNC. 
19) Yoga is my way of staying centered and present for my emotions, my body, and my purpose in the world.  
20) I LOVE teaching yoga!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Twenty Things you may not know about Paige Zinn


1-My favorite authors are Armistead Maupin, Mary Kay Andrews and Ayn Rand.  Yes, Ayn Rand.
2-Get claustrophobic pretty easily.

3-My husband is my best friend.

4-Ran the NYC marathon in 1992.

5-Love to clean and putter around the house.

6-In high school I was a competitive swimmer and almost decided to swim in college.  Instead, I was a college cheerleader.

7-UNC-Chapel Hill is the only college I applied to.  Thankfully I was accepted.

8-Work with my parents everyday.  And I’m very blessed to be able to do that.

9-Hope to live abroad with my husband and kids for 6 months. 

10-Start each day by eating a spinach salad and fruit smoothie.  YUM.
11-Spend time each morning meditating, reading spiritual texts and praying.  It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

12-Enjoy watching my children’s faces when they are sound asleep.
13-Auditioned for Stomp on Broadway…didn’t make the final cut, but made it pretty far in the audition process.
14-Believe bras are evil.
15-Have three tattoos.  I’ll have four by the end of the summer.
16-Would love to take a nap at 4 pm each day.
17-Love collecting stationery, journals and beautiful papers.

18-Don’t love technology, but deal with it.

19-Am an introvert and not a huge fan of joining groups.

20-Blessed to have many wonderful people and two fabulous kittens in my life.

Friday, May 13, 2011

20 Things You May Not Know About Michelle Johnson

1. I've been to Hawaii 30 times and Alaska 10 times.
2. I graduated from college in 3 years because I was on the fast track to get right to graduate school.
3. My favorite food is sweet potatoes.
4. I am an artist and have a pottery studio in my home in Carrboro.
5. My partner, Jeff, and I met when we were both DJ's at WXDU.
6. I asked my partner, Jeff, out on our first date and the rest is history.
7. I have two bi-racial brothers one named Michael, one name Micah.
8. I was briefly in a sorority in college but never followed the rules nor learned the secret knock for sorority meetings. It didn't last long.
9. I graduated with my Masters in Social Work from UNC-CH when I was 21.
10. I got married on a rooftop terrace in Greensboro even though Jeff nor I have any family who live there.
11. I have a silly dog Bella who has one ear that always stands up. Her nickname is side pony (like side pony tail.)
12. I love Neil Diamond.
13. My father played professional football for the Colts, Redskins, and Broncos and has a superbowl ring from the first superbowl.
14. My middle name is Cassandra and this name is very fitting. (Look her up in Greek Mythology.)
15. I work with a group of trainers and facilitate dismantling racism trainings.
16. I love thunderstorms.
17. I do not like snow.
18. Pema Chodron is my favorite person.
19. I love paschimottanasana.
20. Walking in the woods by myself is one of my favorite things to do.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

20 Things You May Not Know About Elaina Howard

1. By day, I am a neuroscientist.
2. My husband and I have a Boston Terrier, named Professor.
3. I have been teaching yoga since 2007.
4. I love to paint.
5. My mother was born in York, England, but I never lived there.
6. My weakness is chocolate.
7. I went to UNC-CH for my undergrad degree.
8. My husband proposed to me at the old well, 8 years ago. We are living happily ever after.
9. I. Love. Food.
10. I believe that my friends are my greatest asset.
11. I lived in Austin, TX, for 5 years.
12. I will put hot sauce on anything. Including chocolate.
13. I've tried to go vegan twice. I made it 6 hrs the 1st time, and 2 weeks the 2nd.
14. I was the projectionist at the Varsity Theater on Franklin for 2 years.
15. I love to shop. I mean, I really love it.
16. I try to meditate daily.
17. I have 5 parents.
18. I'm a little too dependent on Facebook.
19. I can definitely be my greatest critic!
20. I'm SO grateful to be a part of the yoga community in Chapel Hill!

Monday, May 9, 2011

20 Things you Didn't know about Mike Lyons

I was born in England and my family immigrated to the states when I was 4.

I grew up on a 100 acre farm in upstate NY - we raised all our own beef, 
pork, chickens and veggies and heated w/wood.

I owned horses and use to ride all the time.

I was voted shortest kid to leave my elementary school.

I was suspended in 4th grade for saying bullshit to one of my teachers.

My nickname at the local ski resort when I was a kid was "hotdog"

My first job was selling racing forms at the local horse racing track.

I had a crush on my summer camp counselor and 4th grade teacher.

My first girlfriend was 16, I was 12.

I ran the Boston marathon in 1986.

While living in Boston and going to college I played trumpet in a number 
of Salsa bands.

I use to have hair down to my butt.

I spend a lot of time on my own.

I use to own/run my own business - Mountain Goat Adventures - A climbing 
and backpacking guide business in New England.

I love to work in my garden.

I've thought about becoming an interior/exterior decorator.

I've worked in restaurants (cleaning, cooking, waiting tables) ever 
since I was 12.

In the last 15 years I've owned 15 different cars.

I followed the Grateful Dead around for many years.

My parents are my best friends.