Thursday, March 17, 2011


When I first heard about Susie last spring I cried while I watched the videos of her recovery.  Not just any cry but a sobbing cry.  I wanted to share her story with others but I literally could not speak.   Words would not come out.    I would start to speak and I just felt my breath was taken away.   It took me about two months before I could talk about Susie.  I would take a deep breath and I could feel the tears on my face and I could not look anyone in the face when I talked about this dog.

I remember the exact moment when I was teaching a class and I started to tell Susie's story as an example of animals living in the moment.  No matter the abuse, neglect or the lack of love,  this dog would greet with you with her tail wagging.    This was my  break through of celebrating this dog's life and being able to share her story.  Susie has inspired so many that the NC legislature passed a law that went into effect in December called "Susie's Law."  If you abuse, starve, torture, or neglect an animal in this state you will now be charged with a Class H felony which means jail time.

Come celebrate Susie's life with us this Sunday at our studio.  Another dog Bailey will be here as well.  Bailey was also set on fire and received medical treatment from Susie's Miracle Fund.  This is why we are raising money.  Because we can and there is a need.  If you cannot attend please consider making a donation either here at the studio or online.

Susie's video is below.  It is graphic in the beginning.  But hang on like she did and you will see why she is such a miracle to behold.

Much love and peace,


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Mala for Susie's Miracle Fund

Join Franklin Street Yoga Center in 108 sun salutations- or rather 108 downward dogs- to benefit Susie’s Miracle Fund on Sunday, March 20th at 1:30 pm. Lori Burgwyn and the teachers at FSYC will share their deep commitment to animal rights with the community and raise awareness and much needed funds for Susie’s Miracle Fund.

Lori, the proud owner of 6 rescue dogs and 3 cats, was moved to tears when she heard Susie’s story—just a puppy, Susie was set on fire and left to die in a Greensboro park. Found with 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 60% of her body, a broken jaw and teeth, and covered in maggots, it was a miracle that she survived. With her strong will, and the help of the Guilford County Animal Shelter, Susie lives a happy and healthy life with her adopted mom, Donna Lawerence. Together the two raise awareness for victims of animal Genthumb cruelty. The cost of caring for these animals is steep— to save Susie’s life the Guilford County Animal Shelter spent over $4,000. Donations to Susie’s Miracle Fund go toward the care of other animal abuse victims.

Supporters of Susie’s Miracle Fund worked to increase the penalties for animal cruelty in the State of North Carolina. In June 2010, North Carolina legislators unanimously voted to raise the penalties for those convicted of a Felon Cruelty to Animals to a Class H Felony. Named after this inspirational canine, Susie’s Law took effect on December 1, 2010.

Susie will be in attendance at the Mala March 20, 2011— she will be demonstrating the correct posture for downward dog and perhaps shaking hands with donors.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chatta-WHAT?! Weekend Workshop: Easing Into Flow

One of my favorite teachers, Gregor Singleton, often points out that in the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali makes only a single reference to "asana" (or the physical postures that we tend to call "yoga").

Sthira sukham asanam (2:46). The postures should be steady and comfortable (or relaxed or without struggle, whatever your preferred translation.) Gregor takes that a step further, daring to suggest that the physical practice of yoga should even be

Join me this Saturday, March 12, at 2pm to explore the practice--tadasana to savasana and all the tricky transitions in between--from a place of ease. Whether you're brand new to vinyasa or you've been flowing for years, a fresh look at the foundations could be just what you need to find a little pleasure in your practice.

And it's "chaturanga," but more on that Saturday. I'll see you on your mat!


Elizabeth and Baby!!!

Lyons Olivia Welp ("Lyons") born in NYC March 10th, 7lbs and 4 ounces. All doing well.
Much love and thanks for ALL the patience, prayers and support.
Elizabeth and David